Our Story of Passion

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About ROWE VA, your premiere virtual assistant provider

ROWE VA started in 2017 as a small freelance service that mainly focuses on clients from the real estate and credit repair industry.  

Our name stands for Results Only Work Environment.  This is due to our extreme passion for results and resources optimization.  We give so much value on our clients’ time and money that we established a commitment to deliver productive results.

Throughout the years, our sincere and efficient services resulted to happy clients and gained us massive amount of referrals from them.  Hence, giving us the opportunity to provide more work for the community and helped more business owners ease their management.

Virtual Assistants by ROWE VA
Our vision

The premiere provider of competent
virtual assistants

We understand the value of your time.  You should spend it with more important things like closing deals, growing your business, and of course family.  It is our sincere passion to help busy professionals and business owners like you.

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Design the job description to your unique requirements.


Work with high a level of initiative and less supervision.


Accomplish the agreed upon targets whatever it takes.

our mission

dedicated virtual assistant with extra support

Our primary goal is to get the job done whatever it takes. 

We go the extra mile in our continuous pursuit of excellence.


Meet Our Team

We're full of passion and love what we do. It doesn't feel like working at all.

Gerald Mateo

Co-Founder ROWE VA

Naneth Mateo

Co-Founder ROWE VA

Christian Ember Orbe

Customer Relations

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